Sunday, 27 April 2014

Carbon Innegra surfski

In early 2013 Spirit entered into the design and build of a new surf ski The 'FURY'.
Spirit wanted the 'Fury' to continue on from the success of the PRS in the roto-moulded surf ski market. With some fore thought we suggested the composite moulds which are used to make the alloy roto-moulds could be 'recycled' to create an advanced composite surf ski for the Avon Descent.

We were excited to be involved in the process and received line drawings to create a 3D model which was used to make the master pattern. Our input in the composite part to make the alloy mould ensured we could also use the composite 'part' as a mould for composite surf ski production.

Building a surf ski for the Avon descent is not trivial, over the last few years the water level has been dropping and the boats and kayaks are subjected to more rocks than usual and in some
years its even become a running event with water too low to pass through.

Considering the chances of rock impact to be high and the need for a light weight craft for carrying - we specified a 50/50 carbon fibre and Innegra hybrid cloth. The first ski was made with epoxy resin and infused to reduce the chance of pinholes (a cause for leaking) and minimise weight.
The final hull weight was 11 kg and the ski performed well, sustaining only one puncture on the keel on the first day in trying conditions Alan Albert finished top 10 on the first day and 13th across the line on the second day. The fury was also the first surf ski across the line beating multiple kayaks.

Based on the performance in this event, Spirit committed to the purchase of a 100m roll of pre impregnated carbon/innegra fabric with a modified toughened epoxy resin system. This years ski will be lighter and tougher than last years... bring it on.

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