Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Composite gyrocopter rotor blades

Composite components completes pre production of 8 all composite rotor blades and moves into production phase.
The blades feature a unique cross section with ballast leading edge for balance and hollow aft section to reduce weight.
The blade is manufactured in one piece and cured in an internally heated CNC machined 5 metre long alloy tool.
The parts  are post painted, stamped for ID and weighed for quality assurance.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Composite cutting service

As we have had our 6m x 2m cutter plotter working for some time we have started to cut kits for other composite companies. Recently we completed the cutting of 3400 shoe soles, cut from 300 gsm Uni directional carbon fibre, the trick though was cutting the 3mm thick 1000gsm recycled carbon fibre.
Bagged and tagged ready for shipping. Let us know if we can cut and identify anything for you.

Monday, 10 November 2014

size limit for plastic printers?

we don't think so.... this part was laser scanned for accuracy, result: +/-.5mm.... its 600mm long. though that's small compared to our latest print at 1.5m long - you will know about this one once testing is complete and it becomes public knowledge.

laser alignment for laminates

With more of our clients requesting quality and repeat ability we have now installed laser projection equipment to aid in accurate ply location. The projected laser line coupled with reference lines marked on the plies from our cutter plotter makes it quicker and easier to get it right 1st time.
here are some images of parts being laminated...

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Forlano Design commission

Our work continued with Forlano Design with the fabrication of a private furniture commission, exhibited at the 'From the Atelier' exhibition at FORM Gallery in Perth city.
Built of solid American Black Walnut timber the fabrication incorporated 3 axis milling machining, laser etching and traditional hand-crafted timber making techniques.

Carbon fibre cosmetic finish

Our long time customer TMT Australia recently selected carbon fibre as a preferred finish for their operator consoles for the Typhoon Heavy Work Class Deep Sea ROV.
Working from supplied CAD models we commissioned a composite mould to be made with a high gloss finish. After the mould was made we set about creating the consoles to come out of the mould with an A class finish.
After 12 months of making these parts we are happy to supply the consoles to TMT with a surface finish which meets the expectations a million dollar ROV unit.

Carbon Innegra surfski

In early 2013 Spirit entered into the design and build of a new surf ski The 'FURY'.
Spirit wanted the 'Fury' to continue on from the success of the PRS in the roto-moulded surf ski market. With some fore thought we suggested the composite moulds which are used to make the alloy roto-moulds could be 'recycled' to create an advanced composite surf ski for the Avon Descent.

We were excited to be involved in the process and received line drawings to create a 3D model which was used to make the master pattern. Our input in the composite part to make the alloy mould ensured we could also use the composite 'part' as a mould for composite surf ski production.

Building a surf ski for the Avon descent is not trivial, over the last few years the water level has been dropping and the boats and kayaks are subjected to more rocks than usual and in some
years its even become a running event with water too low to pass through.

Considering the chances of rock impact to be high and the need for a light weight craft for carrying - we specified a 50/50 carbon fibre and Innegra hybrid cloth. The first ski was made with epoxy resin and infused to reduce the chance of pinholes (a cause for leaking) and minimise weight.
The final hull weight was 11 kg and the ski performed well, sustaining only one puncture on the keel on the first day in trying conditions Alan Albert finished top 10 on the first day and 13th across the line on the second day. The fury was also the first surf ski across the line beating multiple kayaks.

Based on the performance in this event, Spirit committed to the purchase of a 100m roll of pre impregnated carbon/innegra fabric with a modified toughened epoxy resin system. This years ski will be lighter and tougher than last years... bring it on.

3 ages of foot pedals

For over 5 years we have been manufacturing foot pedals for Spirit Kayaks. In that that time we have redesigned the foot pedals 3 times. The first version was an up grade from the plastic foot pedals with carbon fibre composite foot plate, pedals and stainless steel hinges - we made over 200 of this variety.

After comments and questions about reducing weight we re designed the foot pedals and dispensed with the stainless steel hinges and replaced them with a nylon rod and more ergonomic shapes - we made over 300 of this variety.

Last year we made a prototype carbon fibre / Innegra kayak for the 2013 Avon Descent, but we needed a new foot pedal to go into this beauty - so we prototyped the new design. A foot pedal which does not even have a hinge! - the latest design uses particular laminates to allow for flex in a specific region. This idea is not new in fact the very first design (prior to the stainless steel hinges) tried a flex hinge approach but failed, with time and experience we have solved the issues which troubled us earlier and the new foot pedals are performing well. - we hope to make 400 of these ones

V8 Supercars

We recently became a supplier of air box components for the Walkinshaw Racing V8 Supercar team.
Walkinshaw are responsible for running the Holden Racing Team and Supercheap Auto Racing Team, 4 cars in total.
The air box design is a complicated 5 part carbon fibre assembly with vary particular shapes and sizes to fit under the bonnet work around engine components and optimise the airflow into the manifold.

To manufacture the 5 components to exact specifications required 28 different matched mould components all assembling for component manufacture, and then disassembling for part removal. Although challenging we embrace the concept and are a proud supplier to Walkinshaw Racing.
(image supplied by HRT)

14 foot skiff hydrofoil mould

Following on from the three hulls we made, we were asked to CAD model and manufacture a rudder hydrofoil mould for a 14 foot skiff - the result is below...

alloy surfboard hydrofoil

Due to our experience in CNC machining alloy foil prototypes for sailing boats, Andy Dovell from Dovell Naval Architects asked us to CNC machine a hydrofoil and vertical foil for a 'tow in surfboard' to be featured in the upcoming Storm Surfers film, featuring Ross Clarke-Jones and Tom Carroll, first reports are that the format is working...