Sunday, 20 July 2008

UAV helicopter

We had been supplying UAV Vision with critical carbon fibre components for the helicopter chassis, so to supply the fuselage halves for their next helicopter - a collaboration with Cybertechnologies Pty Ltd. was great as we already had a good relationship.
The moulds were supplied so it was a quick build time for the 2 heli's.'
We didn't get to see them fly but I was sent the images from uav vision who told me everything went well at the flight tests and subsequent presentations.

Bladerider FX

Bladerider have launched the new FX, A fibregalss one-man sailboat on hydrofoils.
As part of the Research and Development team for Bladerider we were asked to come up with a really tough, economically priced epoxy resin based hull, with a hardwearing gelcoat finish. The weight limit was set at 20Kg.
After looking at several manufacturing processes we selected resin infusion, for a few key reasons: consistency between hull weights and less expansion/shrinkage issues relating to the mould/hull relationship among others.
We made a hull in Perth, shipped it to Melbourne for testing and some ''heavy weather'' abuse. We got some really positive feedback, but what stood out for them was how tough the hull construction was.
The FX has since sailed in the 2008 International Moth World Titles and came a credible 17th out of 94 starters. A pretty impressive result considering that the boat is probably 10kg heavier than most others, which really counts when a complete boat in this class can weight less than 30kg fully rigged.

lightweight rotor

Februry, saw the completion of our first 'mupod' rotor for Entecho The brief was to improve on the previous rotor by making the next one stiffer and lighter, but mostly lighter. This was quite a task as the original one weighed only 380grams. a good weight for a 400mm dimeter part.
We were more than pleased when we met their challenge and come in a smidge under 260grams. The rotor looked really smart in a clear carbon fibre finish, which is in large part due to Entecho assisting with inhouse machining of aluminium tools dedicated to the pre preg process we selected, good communication and working time frame.

New Website

Well the new website is finished and we're fairly excited, we hope the site explains to customers what we can do and where we see ourselves fitting into the composites industry. The news attachment is to keep customers and interested parties informed about happenings on a weekly / monthly basis. The first post is primarily a catch up from the last six months (without the boring bits). We hope you enjoy the posts and visit back from time to time to see what we and our clients have been up to.

Thanks, Glen.