Monday, 29 June 2009

A best friend lost

Last evening my friend Mika left us. He died suddenly and without incident at home.

I will miss him very much, especially on the drives to and from work where he would sit in the front seat and on the late nights at work when everyone else had gone home.

He kept me company when the business was just me in a shed and was friendly to all whom came to visit.

I'm sure I'm not going to be the only one who will miss him, the factory will not be the same without him.

So long buddy.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Hoverpod project

Not alot of new has been posted From Entecho with regard o the hoverpod project, however

Target Drones

A significant order was placed last month for more target drones from one of our clients.

Although we can't show images and get into details at this time, we can say these particular unmanned aircraft have an all composite airframe, with a single micro jet turbine as a power plant resulting in a seriously fast and manoeuvrable aircraft.

New weapons for Bladerider

In order for Bladerider to remain at the front of the fleet for the upcoming world titles to be held in the USA in August, a new round of R&D and on water testing has been underway.

Composite Components has been designing and testing using CAD and CFD a raft of new shapes and foil designs for the hydrofoil element of the sailing boats.

With the benefit of accurate CNC rapid prototyping of the foils - a first for International Moth component manufacture - we are seeing just how important on water testing is, over just purely computer based analysis.

Some amazing results are being posted by Rohan Veal (Bladerider team member and multiple world/national champion) on his website with upwind boat speeds not usually seen by any sailing boat.

Progress is ensured to continue right up to the start of the world titles on multiple component design fronts to ensure that the last few percent are dragged out of each of the new designs.

Architectural mouldings

Composite components announces contract to manufacture architectural mouldings for construction of public buildings valued at around $1 million.

Work has been completed on CAD modelling and component manufacture is about to begin for this prestigious construction within Perth City.

Further details will be posted during the construction period.

Deep Sea ROV

Earlier this month we finished work on a floatation unit for a Deep sea ROV. It involved sourcing and building the large block, getting it CNC machinied, hand finishing and then co-ordinating the sealing and painting. The images here are of the test article, however the real unit made of >300kg/per cubic metre density foam will be capable of handling depths of over 1000m, were it will be subjected to prolonged pressures of over 1437 psi or 9907 kpa.

This is our first work for TMT and their underwater remotely operated vehicles, and we are excited to have made a contribution to their project in this demanding field.