Saturday, 13 September 2008

CFD for hydrofoils

We were asked by Bladerider earlier this month to gather some baseline lift/drag data on their current hydrofoils, we sent out 3D models of the foils for CFD (computational fluid dynamics) analysis and now have the results back.
The purpose of this primarily, is to establish were the current foils are in relation to performance at differing speeds and angles of attack. After getting the baseline data we can now set about improving the speed and handling of the boats by either tweaking the design or creating new designs. It's interesting stuff and another great application of CAD software.
Over time we will generate some definitive answers and have some prototypes out there for real world testing that will then flow into production for the bladerider range of sailing hydrofoil boats.

CAD revision

In a previous posting we mentioned the reworking of the 3 metre UAV CAD file. After a solid week of work we completely resolved the structural and mechanical layout of the plane and tweaked some of the components either aerodynamically or mechanically.
We reviewed the jet intake aero package and made significant changes to the tailfin/horizontal stabiliser arrangement to better suit a full composite assembly.
I've attached some renderings of the revised plane.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

V8 Dirt Drag Bike

We are doing some more parts at the minute for Attitude racing's nitro harley and it reminded to me to ask, how was the V8 dirt drag bike going. It was a wicked looking machine like something out of MAD MAX.

We completed the bodywork for them and the bike performed really well, and I've just been told in the off months the guys have been re-tuning the motor to increase the power almost 600 horsepower! I've included a photo of the bike as it appeared last year.