Tuesday, 23 March 2010

long time between posts

Its been longer that I would like between posts. Its been pretty busy and I don't see it letting up anytime soon.

So to recap the last 3 months, whisper sailed and unfortunately broke 2 days prior to the nationals, a plastic component was the culprit. To say I was disappointed would be using far less words to describe the situation than I did on the day.
After some thought, I decided not to rush around and fix the boat as I think that could've been a pre cursor to a heart attack, there was just too much else going on at the time with the recent birth of our second boy and moving into a new house in the following week. So with insurance paid up I decided to 'use their services' and just recently I received the money to repair the hull (the rig was undamaged).
I look to being back on the water in the next month.

To current projects, we have been tendering on some large scale projects of late, and one to come off has been the manufacture of a 12m sculpture in the heart of the city. It borders on the 'can't be done' in terms of complexity but we have a good team at hand to see it through. I will post images when I am allowed and as they come. No doubt it will be on the news as they have to close St Georges Terrace for the delivery truck - apparently the road has only been closed a few times, the last was delivery of a vary large tree to Kings Park!

Latest news would be the launch this week of our new website www.carboncyclerepairs.com.au we have been repairing carbon fibre bicycles for about 2 years now with good results and good relationships with over the 60 stores in Perth, so with a growing audience we are now dedicating a section of our staff and time to this business, we will be taking this venture national in the very near future.

Another coup of late was getting to know Thales (Australia's largest defence supplier) and hosting a meeting with the Australian Managing Director in our factory. Fresh off that meeting we completed our first project for the 'deployables team' the ATAC system that 'sets new standards for size, weight and computing power'. That's about all I can say about that project.

This is going to be the biggest year for Composite Components and Carbon Cycle Repairs in terms of growth and capital expenditure as we make a concerted effort to get involved in larger markets with bigger requirements and higher expectations.

We have a top staff on board with 2 of us having Formula 1 experience and a can do attitude that always sees the job completed right. I'm excited. See you next post. BTW: Happy new year