Sunday, 27 April 2014

3 ages of foot pedals

For over 5 years we have been manufacturing foot pedals for Spirit Kayaks. In that that time we have redesigned the foot pedals 3 times. The first version was an up grade from the plastic foot pedals with carbon fibre composite foot plate, pedals and stainless steel hinges - we made over 200 of this variety.

After comments and questions about reducing weight we re designed the foot pedals and dispensed with the stainless steel hinges and replaced them with a nylon rod and more ergonomic shapes - we made over 300 of this variety.

Last year we made a prototype carbon fibre / Innegra kayak for the 2013 Avon Descent, but we needed a new foot pedal to go into this beauty - so we prototyped the new design. A foot pedal which does not even have a hinge! - the latest design uses particular laminates to allow for flex in a specific region. This idea is not new in fact the very first design (prior to the stainless steel hinges) tried a flex hinge approach but failed, with time and experience we have solved the issues which troubled us earlier and the new foot pedals are performing well. - we hope to make 400 of these ones

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