Thursday, 3 February 2011

2011 International Moth World Championships

I had 2 weeks off work early this year to make my way to Lake Macquarie (NSW) to participate in the Moth World titles.

Preparation prior to the event was unfortunately non existent, but the journey was well worth it as I had two whole weeks to learn how to sail the boat and conduct boat prep, which to date has never happened

The regatta was quite windy and with multiple races per day - my lack of sailing over the past 5 years and low level of fitness showed and this did not help any of my race results. I was happy to say the boat held together and as the regatta went on I felt more comfortable with all the systems and controls.

Now that I am back there is a list of new parts to make and refine in order to get the boat to some sort of race pace. I look forward to have a working boat again and spending some time on the water this summer (whats left of it).


Dacarlson said...

Whisper is still an interesting development. Please, please post some comments on your impressions on speed control and other utility of the 150mm mast.
Like- Does it come out of the water ok? Will it trim in quickly enough vs regular or skinny mast?How doe sit act at high speed? Does it feel like the 150mm mast is just too straight?
Is a Bigger wingmast needed or advisable?

Composite Components said...

I have sailed the boat quite a few more time since the worlds. I can say the following with confidence about the mast. It bends way more than I expected and Glen Ashby (who made the sail) was also surprised by the level of mast bend I am acheiving. I need a new sail cut to suit the mast.
the mast auto rotates well - no issues. I can acheive almost no sideways bend with the aid of the 'diamonds'. The boat lifts out of the water fine and handles well at speed (best speed so far 22kts). To clarify the size: its 190mm fore/aft 68mm wide. I will continue with the wing mast and plan to sail at this years national titles in Melbourne 2012.