Saturday, 29 January 2011

completed projects and recent events

Forlano Design engaged us to manufacture 3 furniture pieces last year to made to be made from Walnut. Although composites is our main line of work, years as a pattern maker, boat builder and model maker mean I can still accomplish wood craftsmanship when required.  The pieces are: 'Terrain', 'Expectant' the chest of drawers hall unit, and 'Terrain shelves' the fractal set of shelves.

For 'Expectant' I enlisted past employee, friend and wood craftsperson Evan Gist, he selected the walnut from the yard, machined and dressed the wood and superbly built and coated the carcass and door fronts. I took over from there and aligned and installed the drawers into the carcass and designed and integrated the rebated and angled handles.
To create Ruby was a challenge, my first thoughts were to look at 5 axis CNC machining, however it proved an extremely difficult and expensive exercise to machine all 56 pieces both sides with variations on the champers. So I fell back to doing it by hand - with a 4" grinder and some 80 grit sandpaper.
Using the CAD model to help with reference points for both sides of the 56 pieces I got through most of the pieces in an intense 5 hour session. The alignment of all three parts was tricky but was worth the effort. The piece looks amazing and complex ...a great design.

Terrain shelving, was much simpler, based on the same method of manufacture as the 'Terrain' stool, it came together quickly and were painted in an off white.  They are able to fit on a wall in a variety of combinations and rotations. (4 of the six pieces are shown)

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