Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Constant upgrades

After a fairly intensive and late round of R&D and hydrofoil prototyping. Bladerider emerged with a best placed second at the recent World International Moth Championships held at 'The Gorge' in the USA and first place at the preceding US National Championships.

During the event - which saw a range of conditions - a few of the new designs did get used in the races, most notable was the green 'tuna fin'. This particular design was conceived by Bethwaite Design who supplied the foil sections and profile plan. We completed the CAD model and oversaw the prototyping stage to deliver a part in 6 days from first contact.

Although the heavily raked leading edge design did throw up new issues and peculiarities around the race course, it adds to our knowledge base and ultimately helps us home in on improvements in performance for the future.

The work will continue on new designs and with Whisper to be launched in the coming weeks, a new round of ideas are planned to be built and tested.


The Flip Side said...

can I inquire as to what the peculiarities were??

Composite Components said...

Sorry for thelate reply.
The rake induced roll moment, which created bending forces in the vertical rudder strut, and made steering difficult and touchy.