Sunday, 27 April 2014

Art & Furniture project revisited

In 2011, Forlano Design commissioned us to make another side table from Walnut, after the Art Gallery of Western Australia acquired the original  for their permanent collection. The art piece increased in size to 500mm high (previously 450mm) and revolved around incorporation of digital manufacture, whereas the previous piece was 100% hand made from 3D and 2D drawings.

3D CAD models allowed our plastic printers to make 1/3 of the unit from which a silicone mould was made. From the mould three polyurethane parts were poured into the mould, demoulded and assembled into the complete piece.

Using 0.7mm walnut veneer our cutter plotter accurately cut each facet face from the generated CAD model. The cut pieces of veneer were adhesively bonded to the polyurethane component and then hand finished with a satin finish lacquer.
The implementation of digital design and build reduced the manufacture time from 30 hours for the first piece to 12 hours for the second.

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