Friday, 15 May 2009

Wing mast

This week we made the new composite wing mast for the whisper project.
This mast was a true composite, made of 6 different fabrics and materials. It is an improvement on the first, better suited to the application of a free standing over-rotating wing mast.

To estimate time of the launch, I am aiming for about a month pending work load and little things like family and getting a sail made. There hardly seems a rush, the hull was made over the Easter of 2007, fitted out and bonded Xmas of 2008. What is it they say about mechanics and their cars?
I've enjoyed this build, its experimental in a lot of areas and this has pushed me into engineering, CAD modelling, design and analysis much further than I thought I would go. With all the hard work behind the scenes, It seems unlikely I'll sell this boat, let alone its taken 4 years to replace the last one, now with kids...
I am looking forward to getting it wet, photos will follow....

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Anonymous said...

I like the wing mast idea, particularly if it's free-standing. A couple of questions:

Will the mast have pre-bend, or will bend be induced by luff tension as with current pocket luffs over round poles?

Will the mast stay within the 90mm constraint or extend into the sail area?

I'm pretty keen to have a go at a wing mast, but don't have any of the design or construction support you seem to have. Any hints on packages to use?