Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Busy times

It has been a busy couple of months. We have delivered another UAV to cybertechnologies - (the second) cybird 5, with the remodeled intake and tailcone (refer earlier post) the new plane came in 5 kg lighter then the previous and standing out from the crowd in a high visibility orange.

Also underway are wingset patterns, moulds and parts for cybereye 2. A larger UAV with a wingspan of over 4 meters. The prototype has flown extremely well, and the new planes are due for flights in the new year.

Completed only today, is the first the carbon fibre wing mast for the 'whisper' International moth class project, the mast came out of the mould better than expected weighing 4kg for a 5.5m length, the overall stiffness of was impressive, considering the lightness of the laminate and surface area of the mast.

The complete boat is scheduled for completion before Xmas. Pending good results from sailing tests, a trip to Melbourne for the national titles in late January could be likely.

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